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Cardiac Rehabilitation

The cardiac rehabilitation program was designed for patients within the community who have had surgery, a heart attack or diagnoses of stable angina within one year. The purpose is to learn about heart disease, provide risk factor education and to condition the heart muscle with a safe exercise regime to be able to return to a productive lifestyle.

By participating in cardiac rehab our skilled nurses are able to help patients:

Increase awareness and understanding of safe and desirable levels of activity

Increase the size and strength of the heart muscle improving circulation throughout the body so that organs and muscles work together more efficiently.

Helps patients handle the wear and tear by providing an outlet to relieve it.

Enhances a sense of well-being, energy and the ability to relax and sleep.


A physician referral is necessary to participate in the Cardiac Rehab Program. For more information please contact your primary physician or call Marci Rottinghaus, RN at 785-742-2131.