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Childbirth Preparation Course

By taking our childbirth preparation course, you will learn important pieces of information ranging from labor & delivery, breastfeeding techniques and MUCH more! Our educated labor & delivery nurses will be available to you for discussion and any questions that you may have as an expectant mother/caregiver. The following are additional topics discussed within the course:

Overview of pregnancy, "what to expect when your expecting" and learning how to deal
    with common discomforts of pregnancy
Learn information about the birthing process (labor & delivery) and cesarean births
Pain Management
          - Get all your questions answered about techniques
          - IV pain management, epidurals, natural remedies
Breastfeeding techniques and nutrition basics
Newborn care
What to expect in the delivery room
Car seat safety -One of the most important pieces of information, learning how to properly strap your child in, and what the guidelines
    are for forward and rear facing.
Infant CPR and vital precautions to take to ensure the safety of your child

2019 Class Schedule:

January 26th
April 6th
June 8th
August 3rd
October 19th

Classes are Saturday's 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Where: Hiawatha Community Hospital - Main Conference Room (below the Solarium)
Cost: $30.00 - Fee is waived if you plan to deliver at the Hiawatha Community Hospital.

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Hiawatha Community Hospital OB Department

Contact: OB Department
Phone: 785-742-2131 (ask for OB nurse)
For Voice Mail: 785-742-6297
E-mail: cjames@hch-ks.org