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Health Insurance

It is necessary for the Hospital to have a copy of your insurance card to meet the special requirements of your company. Failure to provide accurate and current insurance information may result in penalties or a reduction of benefits by your insurance company. It is your responsibility to know the limitations and coverage requirements of your insurance company. Insurance companies do not pay requested private room charge ($10.00 a day).

Discharge planning often begins at the time of admission. The case manager will contact your insurance company to assess your needs and to plan your care. The Hospital will file your insurance claim directly to your company and will do everything possible to expedite your claim. The Hospital cannot guarantee payment of insurance claims and all payments are the direct responsibility of the patient (guarantor). You will be billed for the balances considered patient responsibility as contracted with your insurance.

You are responsible for meeting any requirements stipulated by the contract with your insurance company. This includes all requirements for pre-authorizations, referrals, pre-determinations, and completion of any questionnaire for your insurance company. Referral and authorization forms must be sent to your insurance company by your physician. In most cases, the hospital is not allowed to provide referrals. The hospital is not always aware of your policy limitations. It is the responsibility of the patient to dispute the claim with the insurance company if any portion is denied.

***All uninsured patients, upon request, will be extended a 10% discount on charges if payment in full is received within thirty (30) days of the first billing date.

Work Comp

The Hospital must be informed at the time of admission if treatment is due to injuries that occurred on the job, on company time, or as the result of occupational circumstances. You are required to provide the name and address of your employer and to report the accident to your employer. Failure to do so may result in the loss of benefits. Health insurance generally will not pay claims determined to be work related.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Kansas is a no-fault state. Kansas law requires that all injuries resulting of ownership, operation, maintenance or use of a motor vehicle must be filed to auto insurance. This applies even if you are a passenger in the vehicle. You must provide the Hospital with the name of your automobile insurance carrier. Failure to comply will make the bill your responsibility. Health insurance will not pay for services related to an auto injury. It is also the patient's responsibility to complete all forms required by your auto insurance for payment of the claim.

Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Robin Larson, Business Office Manager at 785-742-6250 or email rlarson@hch-ks.org.