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Physical,Occupational & Respiratory Therapy

The Hiawatha Community Hospital partners with Sheeran Thompson Allied Rehabilitation Services (STARS, Inc.) to provide our community with physical, occupational and respiratory services. STARS, Inc. is a contract company in Northeast Kansas that provides physical rehabilitative needs to local hospitals, nursing homes, home health agencies, schools and businesses. STARS, Inc. has provided physical, occupational and respiratory services to Northeast Kansas since 2003, although their therapists have greater than 100 years combined experience serving this area.

STARS, Inc. is staffed with knowledgeable professionals who take pride in applying proven and evidence based treatments to all their provided services. STARS, Inc. therapists and staff treat a variety of ailments due to injury, disease, and post-surgical recovery. Our rehabilitation department has effective equipment and exercise machines at your disposal. Additionally, STARS, Inc. has specialized programs in foot care, wound care, and industrial rehabilitation. If your pain, surgery or disability is affecting your quality of life and preventing you from doing things you love, our multi-modal approach to patient care can provide you with new hope for lasting relief. Give STARS, Inc. a call today!

(Office Contact)785-742-7300
(Department Number)785-742-6217
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