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Job Posting

Pharmacy Technician
Part Time position (approximately 24 hours per week) with flexible hours and schedule.

Education: High school graduate or GED equivalent. Technician registration/exam required by the Kansas State Board of Pharmacy. National (CPhT) certification required.

Experience: Previous experience in a pharmacy or hospital pharmacy helpful


1. Adjudicate billing; comparing medication administration records with reports obtained from the PYXIS automated dispensing unit and the hospital electronic medical record (EMR). Ensure that patients are charged appropriate amounts. Adjust EMR so that correct units are sent to the patient's bill.
2. Receive and process medications ordered from the wholesaler. Verify the invoiced amounts are appropriate. Price sticker and outdate sticker each product with the appropriate colored sticker for the year it outdates. Using the barcode scanner, verify that the barcode on the product will be recognized by the electronic medical record and to the automated dispensing cabinet (ADC) software. If medication is not recognized via the barcode, tether the new product into the EMR and ADC. Put medications away in the proper location.
3. Fill the ADC refill stock detail sheet. Obtain the correct medication required to be restocked in the ADC and, after pharmacist approval, refill the ADC machines in the facility. Ensure that the stock in the ADC cabinet is in date and rotate stock with the stock with the outdate farthest away on the bottom. Ensure that a new expiration date is entered. Weekly manual count of Night Cabinet ADC narcotics. Responsibility for out-patient prescription logs logging and data collection.
4. Package any non-unit dosed medication needed for the ADC or cart-fill. Maintain the log book of such packaging.
5. Check all medication cabinets in the facility and all other areas (associated medical clinics) where medications or medical supplies are stored for adequate stock and/or outdated or expired items monthly (each area is checked every other month, alternating with other areas). Clean areas and shelving as needed.
6. Enter medication orders into the EMR, if training to do so has been completed. Orders will be inactivated until pharmacist review. Add immunization history from clinic patients to the EMR.
7. Print labels; stock area refill lists and medication administration records.
8. Fill the medication cassettes with non-ADC products with pharmacist oversight. Restock nursing items: denture tablets and adhesive, body wash, ear probe covers, needless syringes for Enoxaparin, Vial2Bag adapters
9. Prepare IV medications with pharmacist oversight if training to do so has been completed.
10. Order needed drug products from the wholesaler, selecting quality products that are contract items for the best pricing. Split order into 340B and traditional accounts. Utilize spreadsheet for cost transfers and send to CFO weekly.
11. Answer and screen telephone calls.
12. Process outdated and/or expired/expiring medications for destruction or return to a return goods processor. Yearly inventory of pharmacy for financials.
13. Inventory medication brought into the facility by patients who are admitted to the hospital. Give reminder tag to ward clerk so that patient's medications may be returned to them upon discharge.
14. Fill other department's requisitions for medication stock and deliver the order to the correct department.
15. Obtain non-formulary or non-stocked medications from outside sources when directed by the pharmacist in order to fill medication orders for patients in the facility.
16. Attend meetings or training sessions as requested.
17. Assist the pharmacist in other tasks on the computer and other activities which are non-judgmental in the preparation of medications.

Additional Information
Position Type : Part Time
Shift : Day

Contact Information
Human Resources
Hiawatha Community Hospital
300 Utah Street
Hiawatha, KS 66434
Email: HR@hch-ks.org
Phone: 785-742-6579
Fax: 785-742-6559

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